BC BOXING - 1940 to 1949

BOXING in BC - The Forties: By Brian Zelley The importance of amateur boxing in British Columbia during the Forties can never be under estimated.In many ways it laid the foundation for future decades and carried the traditions of the Golden Gloves beyond the initial year of 1939. A look back at some of the early clubs gives us names like ALBERNI BOXING with folks like EVERETT BIGGS AMBASSADOR which got it's name from the Ambassador Hotel operated by F M Crowther and Abe Weston at 773 Seymour, Vancouver, BC some of the boxers were JACK CROOK and JIMMY CROOK and BUS LINDSAY BLUEBIRDS with such boxers as JACK BROOKE Cumberland Boxing Club with such boxers as BUDDY WELSH. EAGLETIME BOXING CLUB with many boxers such as Len and Ray Walters, Don Harrison, Reg Simpson, Chester Orr and Stan Zokol KIMOUNT BOXING with Ken McPhee, Lyle Kehoe, and Russ Gurniak WALLACES with the likes of Jack Hamilton, Jerris Jamel, and Eric Dmith WESTERN SPORTS CENTRE directed by Johnny Tutte and Tommy Gann at 135 East Hastings. Vancouver with some of the boxers Terry Doyle, Wes Burnell, Chester Norton, Billy and Rod MacDonald VICTORIA BOXING with Vic Murdoch, Fraser Clark and Art Burgess,


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