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Before an actual BC Amateur Boxing Hall of fame is introduced, the question why
needs to be asked with some logical and reasonable answers given as to why.

If we were to focus just on the period from 1939, thia would cover the history of the GOLDEN GLOVES in British Columbia. Past Golden Gloves boxers would be obvious
candidates to be considered for induction, but the important objective would not to consider Golden Boy staus. Logic would require a broad focus on past boxers
including their involvement as coaches and officials and/or directors of a Provincial or Regional Boxing organization such as BOXING BC or the Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing Association, or as a zone or regional representative.

FORMER MEMBERS in other Halls of Fame -

A reasonable source of obtaining potential names of members from decades ago would be the inductees of various other Halls of Fame, but it should not be the only source as some towns or regions do not have local sports halls of fame unlike
Burnaby, Greater Victoria, Prince George and Nanaimno.

In some cases, some former members of boxing have been inducted into several halls
such as EDDIE HADDAD and HAROLD MANN, but sadly there are many that have made an outstanding contribution to the sport, but have been overlooked in a variety of locations. Two late members that made a significant contribution on
Vancouver Island are HOWARD CURLING and RICK BROUGH. One person of significance
in the Prince Rupert area is the late Dick St. Louis. In the Cranbrook area, an important name is Mike Moore.


There is list of life members of BCABA, but an important limitation in the list
is the names are primarily the names of folks that have been involved in boxing in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Even Harold Mann of Prince George
was a vancouver based boxer in the Fifties. Sadly, missing is at least one or two names from Vancouver Island such as NICK LYSTAR or BERT WILKINSON Or SKIMP WILLIAMS.

Added years after the above story to highlight some positive results.


  1. The views expressed in the body of the article
    are mine and may not represent trhe views of
    other former or active boxers, coaches, officials or supporters.

  2. Well a lot of distance has been made as we work on the selection process for 2014
    some names that have done well for popular support include Bob Pegues, Bert Wilkinson, and Jamey Ballard. There has also been a renewed appreciation of former "Vancouver Sun" person William Finlay and his involvement in the early years of the Golden Gloves boxing tournament in British Columbia.

  3. We are now in the process of nomination potentials
    for 2015, YEAR 6.

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  5. Well we are now in the process to select names for 2018 with 8 nominees to-date.


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