THE RIGHT THING TO DO - the BC Boxing Hall of Fame

THE RIGHT THING TO DO by brian w. zelley

In establishing a BRITISH COLUMBIA AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME, I always knew it was the right thing to do. When coach GEORGE NEPPER of theNanaimo Newcastle Boxing Club
gave me the responsibility to serve the club by writing some stories for the NANAIMO TIMES,
I always knew that it was important to recognize the achievement of others.

When I boxed,and looked at some of the old Golden Gloves boxing programs and noticed only a select few would have their photos in the program, I always knew that it was not fair as so many were not recognized but only appeared as a name on a page which did not mean much.

In 1983, when I won the support of officials and coaches on Vancouver Island to edit
the Vancouver Island Amateur News, I knew that the right thing to do is to not only cover the current scene, but to remember and recognize past boxers, officials and coaches that had laid
the foundation and built the steps leading to 1983. So, it began.

In September 1983, when I was elected news editor for the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association, I knew the right thing to do would be to try and cover the current action in a timely and fair manner, but also remember the past.

I always believed that there should be a BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame, and I have spoken about this topic, but talk alone does not lead to action and positive results, so the beliefs and words have now been put into action thanks to the help of others over the last two months.


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