Nanaimo Boxing

Back to where it all began:

Recent Concerns Concerning the History: 

Some recent issues in the pre-nomination process have arisen
when a former boxer of the Nanaimo boxing club wanted to
nominate his former coach.  

*  the issue concerns the starting year of the boxing club and
who was responsible for starting the club.  This concern is a
result of changes to the history that was recorded in three
 articles in 1975 and 1979 in Nanaimo newspapers that indicated the 
coach in question started the club.  When the facts were
reported in previous newspapers including an article 
by  the sports editor  in May of 1974 that outlined the facts.
Later the incorrect facts were reported in the Nanaimo daily newspaper
in 2008.  

To avoid any future misunderstanding the following highlights
the real beginning:

As previously documented in early issues of the Nanaimo Daily Free Press and the
Nanaimo Times, and later disclosed in the Nanaimo Times in the eighties, the above
details indicates the facts:
The NANAIMO BOXING CLUB was formed by Dan Wright and Brian Zelley
in the summer of 1971 with the assistance of John Ormandy and the former
boxing coach of the Newcastle Boxing Club, the late George Nepper who was
inducted into the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013.

Over the years, there have been a number of trainers that get forgotten
Zelley and Wright,  Clark MacLellan,  Joe Preston, and Mickey Griffin
for their contributions, achievements and participation.  

                                                     Joe Preston, coach and ring official

                                  Brian Zelley and Clark MacLellan
                               * Nanaimo Boxing Club's double duty
                                   served as coaches and boxers

Co-founders of the Nanaimo Boxing Club
* attending the induction of Mike Caird into the 
Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.
                                              "Dynamite" Dan Wright and Brian Zelley
                                               Co-founders of the Nanaimo Boxing Club

2014 Updates:

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