YEAR FIVE, 2014 Nominations

The Journey Into 2014 year five: by brian zelley

* For 2014, there is a great collection of names
to be considered for the selection process.  Some
will not be selected, but their names will be 
carried forward to 2015 along with others that
may get selected.

Special Categories for 2014:
Pioneer:                 William J. Finlay
Junior/Youth:        Jamey Ballard
Women in Boxing:   Betty Clark
1994 Commonwealth Games, boxing
1954  Empire Games, boxing

The Main Categories


* the two main categories are boxers 
and builders with many fine names to
sort through and to select.  One special
builder by the name of Jeff Yule will be
included.  Jeff was nominated in year one
but got overlooked and his name was not
carried forward, but he will be an inductee
come 2014.

The Boxers:
Picking and choosing among Billy Townsend,
Geronimo Bie, Jimmy McMillan, Dave Wylie,
Jack Meda, Kit Munro, Willy Curry, and 
Kenny Lindsay is not easy.

The Builders:
A collection of rock solid names such as:
Bert Wilkinson, Billy Watson, Bob Pegues,
Boyd Bayne, Harry Twist, Howard Curling, 
Leif Albrechtsenm Lloyd Anderson, 
Mike Moore and Pat West.

We thank the nominators and those that 
support one or more of the nominees, and
know that some folks will be disappointed
but regardless of the results, it is hoped
that the journey will continue in 2015

Betty's supporters are hoping that
this outstanding coach will join
Mandy and Marg that were the
first two selected in 2012 and
followed by three others in 2013.  

The builders:
Our year one core member
inductee, Freddy Fuller
once again stepped up to
the plate early to show 
support for his old coach
Harry Twist.
As part of the story telling
Freddy gave a personal 
account of Harry in our
story on Harry Twist.
In it we mention Frank
Scott who was a young
one like Freddy in the
late fifties when they 
were part of the South Burnaby Boxing Club.

Bob Pegues, builder
All of the active BC boxers
and builders of today are
well aware of Bob's deep
contributions, achievemets
and participation.  Some of 
the alumni of the Nanaimo 
Boxing club are well aware
of Bob, the boxer and trainee in the '70's  
But, to get the full story to  understand Bob
we need to step back in time to 1969
when Bob was just a young teenager 
that expressed a desire to belong to a 
boxing club, but it would be two years
before the dream became a reality. 


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