BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees: (ranker link)

The Process of selection: by Brian Zelley

The above linked ranking as got off to a quick start

 with a 175 views with the two leaders being boxer Kenney Lally and pioneer Eddie Mulhern.cHowever, the poll will run until December 31st.

Names of the eight nominees:
Eddie Mulhern, A. Scotty Jackson, 
Barry Creswell, John Skanks,
Geronimo Bie, Ken MacDonald
Kenny Lally and Les Hamilton.

2010 to 2014

The Pioneer: Eddie Mulhern 
The Builders:
Barry Creswell, Scotty Jacson and John Skanks

John Skanks

Barry Creswell

Alexander Scotty Jackson

The Boxers:
Kenny Lally, Ken MacDonald
Geronimo Bie and Les Hamilton.

Jag - Bob - Kenny

Kenny and Bob

Les Hamilton


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