Inductees 2016, Year 7

2016 INDUCTEES: * By Brian Zeller
* Boyd Bain, Ed Williams, Shirley Knopp,
Sid Knopp, Ray Beaulieu, Scott Galloway,
Steven Kodak, Steve Wood, Asif Dar,
Ian Clyde, Scotty Olson, North West Eagles,
BC Senior Boxing team 1970 Nationals.
Ian Clyde, honorary inductee

* Ian Clyde, Asif Dar and Scotty Olson
Muhamkad Ali, George Chuvalo and 
Jimmy McLarnin in the honourary inductees class.

* Shirley Knopp joins other women in boxng
incluiding builders Margaret O'Reilly and Linda Gigliotti.  

Boyd Bayne, Ed Williams and Sid Knopp
added to the builders category which includes the first five in 2010
Dave Brown, Elio Ius, Fred Fuller
Pat O'Reilley and Rick Brough

*Ray Beaulieu, Scott Galloway,
Steven Kodiak and Steve Wood
are four of the original co-founders
and administrators along with
Brian Zelley  and Dan McGarvie.
Ray, Scott, Steven and Steve
are recognized for their
contribution for the success
of the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame
and BC Amateur Boxing.

                      North West Eagles Boxing Club 1965


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