2018 Nominees

TheEarly Nominees for 2018
BRitish ColumbiaAmateur Boxing Hall of Fame.

Five names to begin the process:
Bob Decker, Brian Zelley, Clarke McLellan
Dave Wylie and Wayne Boyce.

Number six in the process: Barry Krangle


Wayne Boyce with Walter and Tommy.

Brian Zelley

Brian Zelley and Clarke McLellan
1973 at Nanaimo, BC.

June 2017
Inductee Tony Duffy
Nominates former coach Barry Ktangle.

Barry Krangle, nominee for 2018
BC Amateur Boxing 
Hall of Fame.

Four of the Nominees
Wayne Boyce, Clarke McLellan
Dave Wylie and Brian Zelley

Other Nominees Added as at August 21, 2017
include "2 Rivers Boxing Club", Quesnel, BC.

One of many shows by 2 Rivers.

2 Rivers' boxers



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