2019 Nominees BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame

2019 NOMINEES: by Brian Zelley

Nine early nomnes are:
Betty Clark, Dianne Dutra, Ellen Connor,
Howard Curling, Jason Heit, Jordan Kodiak,
Pat West, Roger Nepper, Stuart McLellan
and the Richmond Boxing Club. Tommy Hibbert
and the 1968 BC Silver Gloves.

                                           Photo includes 2018 inductee Brian Zelley and
                                            2019 nominee Roger Nepper (boxer/builder).

As we approach year ten 2019 of the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame,
the nominees to-date include one boxing club *** Richmond Boxing Club***
and varios individuals that have been boxers and/or builders.

Nominee Pat West in group photo along with Bert Lowes and 
1967 BC Diamond Boy Dave Wyle.

Nominee HOWARD CURLING  was one of the ring officials in this
Vancover Island Golden Gloves in 1954. In 1984, Curling would also
officiate at the 1984 VI Amateur Boxing Championships


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