Boxing BC & The Hall of Fame.

In a recent poll it was 23 to 1 for BOXING BC to start a "Boxing. BC Hall Of Fame There are no guarantees that BC Hall Of Fame" will become a reality

 THE HALL OF FAME: by Brian Zelley                                               The BC Boxing Hall of Fame has  many Inductees that are past or present members of the BCABA aka Boxing BC, but the BC Amateur Boxing Hall Of Fame is not sponsored or connected to Boxing BC. In a 1984 issue of the BC Amateur Boxing News, there was a story about starting a Hall of Fame but never was acted upon. Twenty six years later, six past or present members agreed to start the BCABHOF in 2010,   Now 11 years later there are close to 200 inductees including boxing clubs, events, boxers and builders.  Soon more inductees will be selected in 2022, year 12.The big issue is should BOXING BC for a Boxing BC Hall of Fame and History site.                                     There is a possibility that Boxing BC will add a history page to the Boxing BC Facebook site or set-up a new  Facebook site. So if a history site was established, an overall plan would be needed, and a History Committee would be needed.


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